Buy rules

Purchase Regulation of SY STORE

The purchase procedures on SY's website will be regulated through this document. Therefore, we recommend the full reading of this before the visitor completes an order, to be aware of the conditions of the purchase and to make the best use of the facility offered through this site.

This document is an integral part of the Sy Company Website Terms of Use and Conditions of Use and, in the event of a conflict between the provisions of both documents, that which is established in the more specific terms prevails.

1 - Definitions:

1.1. For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions apply:

Restricted Area: Portal section that is accessed by providing password;

Authentication: Site visitor's act enter your username and password to access the restricted areas and functionality of the Portal;

Customers: People who have purchased products or services offered by the Portal;

Restricted features: Features that can only be used by visitors through authentication, such as the purchase of products, the My Account area and My Orders;

Visitor of the Site: Anyone who browses through the Portal;

Portal: designates the electronic address;

Regular products: All those available in stock from the SY store;

User: All visitors of the site authenticated in the Portal

2 - Operation of the Virtual Store

2.1. Sy Company offers visitors the ability to purchase products and services through their online store, simply by filling out the registration form on the site, according to the conditions set out in the Terms of Use.

2.2. The Sy Company virtual store provides visitors with the same products from conventional physical stores and can be viewed throughout the site and through their navigation shortcuts.

2.3. To purchase a product the visitor must have a register inside the O SY site and be properly authenticated.

2.4. Among the possible choices of products available, users can purchase regular products, limited edition products and products in later units.

2.5. When choosing the products you wish to purchase, you must add them to your shopping cart and, after adding all products of interest, you must complete the order, indicating the place of delivery and paying the same.

3 - Commodity Prices:

3.1. The prices of products practiced on the Sy Company website are the same for consumers all over Brazil.

4 - Delivery of Goods:

4.1. O SY uses the services of the Post Office for the delivery of its products, and the time of receipt may vary according to the recipient's postal code and for the scheduled delivery service (exclusive to the state of São Paulo) the carrier responsible is the post office.

4.1.1. Post delivery times vary according to the regions of Brazil.

4.1.2. The delivery time offered for the scheduling service (exclusive for the state of São Paulo) varies according to the availability of choice at the time of purchase.

5 - Acquisition of Products:

5.1. Products can be purchased at the Sy Company virtual store with the following payment methods:

a) Boleto Bancário;

b) Credit Card.

5.1.1. For purchases with the form of payment of Credit Card, it is necessary that the holder of the Card is the same as that of the holder of the request.

5.2. As soon as the user completes the request, it will go through the following stages, being possible to verify its progress in the site:

a) Confirmed Order - proves the registration of the order in Sy Company's systems;

b) Request for Analysis - Sy Company will analyze the payment made, the consistency of the registration data, the quantity of products ordered in stock and other internal logistical details;

c) Order Approved. In separation. - It means that the order has been approved and is now in the stage of separation of the products in stock.

d) Order on the Carrier - Request is with the carrier, on the way to be delivered.

e) Order Delivered Successfully - Order was delivered to the consumer.

f) Returned Order - For some reason (insufficient address, absence, etc ...) the order was not delivered to the recipient and was returned to Sy Company.

g) Request Canceled - impossibility of processing the request for any specific reason, and may vary between:

I - No release due to inconsistency of any data or cadastral information;

II - Request with payment by bank invoice not carried out in the term of established or insufficient value;

III - Some inconsistency in the functioning of the system itself, such as the locking of the computer or some operation error;

IV - Reasons that may make it impossible to process the request.

5.2.1. The evolution of the order transport can be checked by clicking on the order tracking code available in the 'MY ORDERS' area. When copying the code you must go to the Post Office page where you can check the status of the order delivery.

5.2.2. If the order can not be delivered due to lack of stock of the products, Sy Company will contact the buyer through the Customer Relations Center to find the best solution.

6 - Customer service:

6.1. If the user has any doubts or need to clarify any procedure of the Virtual Store or the purchases themselves, you can access the Service area on this site by accessing the link in the upper bar of any page or, if you prefer.

6.2. Exchange or return procedure must be carried out in 7 business days, at least communicated in case of regret, damaged material, received item different from the product purchased in Sy Company's virtual store, and / or without operation. Once Sy Company Store receives this information from the user, it will be subject to submit attachments of videos and photographs clearly stating the conditions of the item received to the e-mail address: , or for our available social media. If it is identified that the product does not appear to have visible damage by the forwarded attachments, a form is released for the user to complete and forward to the e-mail mentioned in this paragraph or through social media, indicating the reasons for returning the item and the investment values. After Sy Company's administrative headquarters receives the item and finds that it results from an irregularity described in this paragraph, the compensation process will be informed by the time limit for the user by means of e-mail or social media by Sy Company. If it is understood that the contents have been tampered with by the consumer, or that the attachments have been forged, Sy Company will forward the recordings found to be counterfeit to consumer contact and will lose the right to refund the item informed as well as be responsible for the return expense of the item to Sy Company.